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Saudi Design Week is the culmination of both local and international participation. In its inception and launch, the fair aims to raise awareness to the importance of design and aims to encourage local and regional upcoming talents. In its opening series of events during 2014, the fair sets the stage for an exciting year of design events and activities to come.

Saudi Design Week is in its essence a festival for design and visual culture. The fair’s program is divided into curated exhibitions, workshops, design forum and several activities all taking place within the context of design. Temporarily transforming the major cities of Saudi Arabia into different platforms to discuss, judge, and admire good design within its appropriate contexts.

For the first time ever, Saudi Design Week created by O Art Projects will host a fair exclusively devoted to exhibiting and supporting design products by established and emerging designers both national and international. The series of open events will extend beyond one main venue and affect different areas of the city center. Saudi Design Week will bring together masters in the field of design with emerging talents both locally and internationally.

Saudi Design Week is currently organized by Oasis Magazine in Partnership with the King Faisal Foundation for Research and Islamic Studies.


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